Are you on Mute?

"You are on mute" is the common words used during the season we are in - "the pandemic."

The new way of working has brought its own challenges, technological issues we never envisaged but we have to rise above them. The Zoom calls and Microsoft teams have been in full swing and I do not know what we would have done without them - thanks to their CEOs, the brains behind the invention.

Being on mute, means your voice cannot be heard (by the audience), you are silent for a particular reason and cannot speak out. I would like to take this to another dimension - self development. Rather than being 'on mute', that is, too silent to speak, why don't you speak blessings over your life and that of your loved ones?

Be honest about your fear, confront it and have the confidence to dream boldly and out loud. Your vision would allow you to walk through the doors of opportunities. Therefore, be relentless in using your voice and pushing through the barriers at hand and ahead. Have faith - an unwavering faith that can move mountains and make way that seems impossible. When you come in contact with hateful people, show unconditional love in the midst of hatred. I always turn to prayer and praise to overcome life challenges. As a parent, I have made some sacrifices to get to my current position. I made time to re-build which was not an easy task but 'doable'. There is time for everything. Trust in the timing in your life and seize the moments. Be present and stay in your own race. Make sure you are taking the necessary steps towards making the change and improvement that you desire. All that matters is that progress is being made gradually.

On Monday 18th January 2021, USA celebrated Martin Luther King (MLK) Day to mark the birthday of the Civil Rights Leader. Could you imagine how different the US and the World would have been had Martin Luther King stayed "mute" He would not have spoken in 1963, of his dream of a United States without racism and segregation. His speech captioned "I have a dream" is still very famous among all creed of people and has gone around the world from generation to generation. Thank you sir!

It is no coincidence that some people struggle in certain aspect of life such as getting the right career break, meeting the right partners etc. Some of the causes may be generational forces which bring forth limitations on their lives and well being, until someone in the family rises up against it and set a new tone of progress.

Some people stick to what they know, from generation to generation they believe this is the way it has always been done and so there is no need to change it. If you are not happy with your current situation, try to do something about it. Start with the believe that you can do it! “You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil 4:13). Remember that you were created in such a pivotal time like this and you have greatness inside you. Start with changing the mind set, change the thoughts and realise that you were born to shine and bless other people.

Thoughts create words and those (positive) words, can get you to where you want to be. Therefore, remove those limiting thoughts and speak the compelling words that would drive you into your destiny. Use thoughts to push you into the correct actions to take. Use words of faith to get the victory!

Words of affirmation ignite some kind of passion. They can even draw the right sort of people to your way, those that can use their influence to push you forward, in order to achieve your goals. Some may not belief in your dream but YOU should have some believe in yourself. Believe in God, all things are possible to those that are called to his purpose. As human beings, we all have some kind of higher power propelling us. Some call it the universe, I call it God Almighty. Consider what is pushing you forward or holding you back. Are you being held back by what others say or did not say about you? Were your loved ones 'muted' when they should have defended you? Understand there is power in how you react to things and speak the blessing to yourself because there is power in the words we speak!

As a parent, I encourage my children at all times and speak words of affirmation over them. I am sure they are tired of me sending them encouraging articles and filling up their phone storage with different information but I have told them that they will thank me later.

I refuse to stay 'muted' in matters that concern the mind, so I affirm them with uplifting words and bible scriptures because they are powerful and they bring life to the soul. They are blessed with good health and a sound mind, good energy, good friends (yes we talk about this a lot), with protection and provision. I even declare that anything they work on will prosper because they are blessed with a positive outlook on life. When disappointment comes (because we know life is not perfect), I quickly encourage them to see it as "all things work together for good". I intentionally tune out the negativity around them as much as possible. I understand there are so many sad stories on the news, including the conspiracy theories on the Covid-19 vaccine but I have learnt to carry out my own research using the resources available and speaking to some friends in the medical field and then I decided to make my own decision from a balanced view.

In conclusion, let us remember to "un mute" ourselves and speak words of affirmation into our lives and that of our loved ones.

What are the thoughts holding you back? Have you confronted them?

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