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Don't allow your ship to sink!

A ship would sink not necessarily due to the sea around it but because of water going inside it.

Don't allow what's happening around you to get to you and weigh you down!

It is impossible to ignore all the negativity around us. We can choose to remain objective, observe the external environment without being subjective to it. The awareness of issues, would allow us to focus on the things we can do to resolve it but we can keep an open mind objectively and maintain an external growth mindset.

Trouble could be around everyone of us but it's what we do about it that matters. It not advisable to completely ignore the issues we face but we can plan to deal with it the best way we can. When we have such a plan, then our inner confidence will kick in to help us "weather the storm"

Trust yourself, trust the process, trust your God!

In my life to date, I have learnt to activate my coping mechanisms in times of crisis. One way is by praying and hoping for a better outcome. I remind myself that people who are afraid to dream big, will always stand in the way of those willing to take calculated risks to further their careers, champion new projects or other achievements in life. Leaders are made during the storms and not in the sunshine. Hard times makes great leaders. Tough times would allow us to show vision, strength and honesty. It would display our character as we decide to soar higher through the storms. It has actually increased my faith which has given me more confidence to do better!

Experiencing failure is part of life but what we do about it is what matters. We can choose to embark on what lessons we have learnt. Instead of dwelling on things that did not go so well, we can choose to learn from the issue and move to greater heights with new life lessons learnt. Once we get a sniff of the new experience, we would want to experience more successes. One can choose to either be comfortable with the 'mistake' they made or decide to be courageous about it. One can rarely be both; to be in a comfortable position and yet be courageous at the same time. I used to be comfortable with my unhappy state of affairs until I chose to become courageous about the future and not be afraid to take bold steps for myself and encourage others around me to do similar. As you become a leader, either at home or in the workplace, you should consider growing others to help them rise up.

A photo of a ship I took, on a cruise years ago

Maintaining a growth mindset is important and not allowing other people's opinions to affect your growth is equally important.

In conclusion, remember the "storm" around our life will not always be calm but only those who are willing to adjust to the "wind" and manage the "rough waters" will be able to sail through.

What are your coping mechanism when you go through trials?

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