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Ladies, Are You A Shopaholic?

Retail therapy are two words I used quite frequently until recently. There is a rush of enthusiasm and a thrill of joy when I browse through shops with a sight of lovely merchandise. I am definitely "old school" when it comes to visiting the high streets or shopping centres to gain the shopping experience, although I know some would prefer online shopping just like my children.

On Monday 15th June 2020, England took a huge step to return to normality as shops across the country opened their doors to the public, for the first time since the lock down in March.

As the government gradually eased the Covid-19 lock down, the British economy has weakened. Shoppers were excited to hear of the return of "non-essential" shopping and they did not mind joining the long queues on the high streets to resume their habits. It was reported on the news that about 100 shoppers, mainly younger women and students queued outside Primark in Marble Arch, Central London, from 6:30am! Other shops on Oxford Street such as Debenhams, Selfridges, Marks and Spencer, opened shortly after Primark. Approximately 400 people queued outside the Nike shop on Oxford Street ready for opening at 10am.

The re-opening of shops would support retailers to begin rebuilding their businesses after some grueling months of the lock down.

Safety is paramount and so, shoppers were asked to sanitise their hands as they entered the shops and staff were positioned strategically throughout the stores, to ferry shoppers in a certain direction in order to maintain the two metre social distancing government guideline.

It was obvious a lot of people had missed shopping, including my daughter who has been working very hard during lock down. On her day off, she decided to meet up with her friend after not seeing each other in months, so I can understand the excitement both girls had in going shopping and spending some of the money they had earned (independent ladies).

The photo below shows the trainers my daughter bought for me - how thoughtful!

She suggested I wear it when I go on my walks or just as a fashionable item. I now feel "down" with the kids 😊 as I had not bought myself these kind of trainers in years...

Although a lot of people missed the shopping sprees, I am not one of them.

The Coronavirus lock down period has saved me some money and although I did spend more buying groceries and household cleaning products, I have saved a few coins from "non - essential" clothes shopping - this would not have been the case pre lock down . I just hope this new habit would last a long time as I really do feel content with the clothes I already own (I just need to make sure I fit into them 😊). If you require a new clothing item, please go ahead and buy it but be mindful of buying items just for the sake of it - especially during the sales period. I used to be that way inclined and get angry with myself when I discover I had not even worn some of the clothes I happily bought at the time - impulsively! Also, with the way fashion goes and some trends returning to the front space, I can even start saving some of my old clothes and use them as vintage fashion some day (who knows?), there will be a time to hark back to the classic style.

Are you a Shopaholic?

What has the lock down saved you from buying?

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