My Environment - making the most of it!!

It is a well known fact that physical activities have great benefits to our lives. Not only do they reduce the risk of osteoporosis (a bone condition), but also heart diseases, diabetes, issues with blood pressure and mild mental stress. They also improve the quality of life, allowing us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am not shamed to admit that I am beginning to appreciate the green around me, not only around my home, but also at my place of work! Rather than sit and have lunch at my desk like before, I have started taking walks especially when its sunny during the day. Sometimes I sit in the park and watch people passing by, joggers and dog walkers. Often times I hear the birds chirping away and I begin to feel thankful, remembering my creator and all the beautiful things I am surrounded with that I usually take for granted.

Being outdoors helps me to have a clear mind, feel peaceful and grounded. Living in a society where most children would rather stay indoors playing video games, it is worth reminding them that spending time with nature could lead to a healthier and more creative life.

Some researchers in Finland identified that people who lived in urban areas and took a twenty minutes walk through an urban park or woodland felt less stressful than those who strolled in a city center.

Some would argue this is because people tend to be more relaxed in natural spaces. Whenever I return from my nature walks, I tend to be more generous and kind to others, maybe due to the beautiful plants I see around or just the sun shine, I just feel more positive.

Nature is known to have a positive impact on our mood! It fuels my creative thinking.

The photo below was taken during one of my walks in Reagent's Park, London.

There are several ways of enjoying the beauty of nature such as: chatting with family or friends, going out for a bike ride, taking a walk, sitting out in the back garden and just allowing nature to refresh you.

I always feel energised and re-charged after taking a break in the sunshine - this feeling has come to stay, so I will be sticking to this new found habit of enjoying the environment and appreciating the little things in life.

How do you enjoy nature?

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