New Year, New Vision!

A new year brings on new opportunity to start over and to push yourself harder with the big plan you always had. A time to appreciate life the best way you can - even during a pandemic! Life is full of ups and down, there will always be something that challenge us. The last year was strange and emotional for many as we all had to adjust to the "new normal" way of living. During the crisis, I somehow found strength from my faith, I prayed, sang love songs and gospel, praised and shared some positive energy to my friends and loved ones. I reached out to others including my neighbours.

Although the year 2020 was unprecedented, it seems to have given us a '20/20 vision'. I took it as a year of growth. For example I got a new job closer to home with more flexible working arrangements. I know others who have been blessed in a similar way.

I was able to build a website and started my blogging journey during the pandemic. It is something that I am proud of achieving and I am currently practicing the act of maintaining consistency (it has been going well so far). Often times, we do not recognise what we are capable of doing until we start. I now use my website to communicate and share some love, faith and hope.

I enjoyed spending quality time with my family and supporting my children to adjust to online / home schooling. I have learnt a lot along the way.

I would like to see myself as a thankful person but I yearn for the fullness of joy in my daily living. I want to remain "planted" in season or out of season, walking in love, kindness, perseverance, doing the right thing, celebrating those small victories and to be quick to pass on the lessons learnt to others to avoid them repeating the mistakes I made. I have realised that I am excited and happier when I have a new vision while still living in the moment and appreciating the blessings in front of me such as my husband, children, friends and loved ones.

Being more conscious of appreciating the little "wins" in life and not focusing on the sad times, I am learning to count my blessings one by one and allowing them flow to others. I want to be optimistic and pray for the best days to come, because the scriptures says that "as a man thinks, so he is." I remain hopeful that the new year 2021 will be a better year. Therefore, I urge you to think positive, brighter thoughts, that something good will come your way, out of all the propaganda. Avoid self doubt because it would lead you to see something as impossible. Never let people tell you who you are and whose you are. As a christian lady, I know I am fearfully and wonderfully created by the Almighty God. I am set apart for greatness and my tests have become my testimonies. It is not that life is full of roses or that I have not faced any challenges because I have (read my previous blogs) but I have learnt to be an over-comer. I have been placed on Earth for a purpose and as I walk in it, I will discover more opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Sometimes the qualities we admire in other people are already present in us - we just need to identify them. We should learn to call out those things afar as if they are near. Is it a promotion you desire, a change in career or just being a better human being? Take the small steps and walk towards it. I have noticed that when we make the first move to walk out of our comfort zone, the feeling we get is exhilarating!

When we let go of fear and doubt and push ourselves to try new things, we will be surprised how much we would achieve. Do not waste too much time searching for the "spark" to push you to do something new for that special thing that would fulfill your heart desires.

In conclusion, let us have a new vision for the new year 2021. Pay attention to your negative patterns and ask yourself why you are attracted to them by doing this, you can stop yourself from the negative thoughts. Live to experience each moment. As I usually tell my children 'seize the moment, do not waste your precious time.'

What is your vision for 2021?

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