Relaxing Lock Down - My Perspective

So the Prime Minister (PM) announced that measures are now in place to relax the lock down, a lot of people were confused to say the least. Some would have preferred the PM to be more specific with the guidelines rather than giving people the options of keeping safe and alert during the pandemic. I did notice an increase in commuters the following day the broadcast was made, which gave rise to more unease as people felt more anxious. The photo below was taken on my way from work during the strict lock down rules, which was not the case few days ago!

We are all going to make sure we take some kind of precautions around making sure we protect our own health and those around us. We need to "stay alert" meaning have your wits about you, be sensible, be vigilant, use some common sense which my parents used to say around the house growing up as a's not always common!

Seriously though, people need to be more aware of their environment; move out of people's way and cross the road if you need to but just make sure you stay safe and well!!

I for one would welcome face covering for all passengers on the London Underground & buses, as it's been advised this could slow the spread of Covid-19.

During my commute to work, I only see a fraction of people wearing face masks! Going forward, people should be allowed to improvise and use face cloth or a scarf for covering which would hopefully slow the spread of the virus. Using face cloths would also allow the medical staff to get adequate supplies of masks they need as key workers.

Social Distancing should still be maintained. This could be difficult to do in over crowded places, hence the plan to stagger the journey times as workers return to work would be really helpful.

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