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So, Freedom Day has finally arrived!

Monday 19th July was declared "Freedom Day" in England 🇬🇧

Some people were delighted that things were getting back to normal and they are getting their livelihood to how it used to be. However, others were not too sure with the easing down of lockdown and ceasing the wearing of face mask. With cases of new infection on the rise, it's no wonder some people are still skeptical.

This got me thinking if I needed a "post lockdown check-up"!

Firstly, I feel my eyes have become weaker since working from home. The constant staring at the lap top screen and various video calls, sometimes, back to back, has not been pleasant to my eyes. Study has shown that the screen time in the UK had increased by forty nine percent since the pandemic (You Gov Poll). One in three British people confirmed that their eyesight has worsen since the lockdown.

One way of improving our vision is to look at something, 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, this is known as the 20-20-20 rule, as advised by the College of Optometrist. Let us have some biology lesson here 🙂

Secondly, the brain needs taking care of.

For some reason, it is some times difficult to "switch off" work when working from home. With the information overload; twenty four hour news feed, it can be overbearing.

Some people have struggled to maintain a clear thinking mind as they experience "brain fatigue" that is, the tiredness of the brain from staring at the computer/lap top screen for such a long time. I can still remember some biology practical lessons, years ago, indicating that our brain are structured for learning and inspiration and the brain becomes "tired" when it's not being used for it's maximum potential.

I have had to remind myself to improve my sleeping habits, eating well including avocados, nuts and fish oils, to remember to take my vitamins, all these good habits will improve my focus, health and wellbeing.

Thirdly "The Spine" needs taking care of.

I have noticed that sitting for longer period of time, at an uncomfortable, 'make shift desks' that were not designed for long working hours, will cause discomfort and restricted movement around the neck and shoulder area, as the muscles in that area becomes tensed up.

Fourthly, The Feet requires pampering sessions. Being at home allows room for comfortable living as people do not see the need to wear comfortable "work shoes" instead, they walk around the house in house slippers and flip flops which could result in pain on the foot.

I have been advised that the best way to avoid painful feet, is by wearing house slippers with arch support. Some might even argue that using the feet to pick up small items from the floor, would build strength in your feet.

I decided to have a pedicure done last week to reduce cracked skin, it is definitely worth investing in a good foot cream also.

Fifthly, The gut is required to be healthy. Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in digestive issues, such as constipation, bloating and IBS. Nutritionist say that stress is known to affect the gut. One major way to maintain a healthy gut, is to eat lots of green vegetables for example aubergines, spinach, brocoli, cauliflower and others.

Lastly, the skin is the largest organ in the body and certainly needs a good care.

Stress can bring about some skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis. So one should avoid being stressed out!

One practical step to maintain a good, glowing skin, is to clean it twice per day.

Also wearing sun cream with a high sun protecting factor is beneficial. Invest in a good gentle emollient such as E45 if possible.

These are some of the post lock down check-ups I will be completing.

What would your post lockdown check up entail?

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