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Style & Comfort

Personally, I would go for both style and comfort as I know they both work for me. As I got older and wiser, I realised the need to wear comfortable clothes while dressing stylishly and feeling fabulous! 😊

There are several clothing styles I can relate to, bearing in mind my different positions in society. They include:

  • Formal office wear - this I would wear when I am attending a management meetings at work.

  • Business casual -this is always welcomed during our dress down Fridays in the office

  • Ethnic fashion style - I look forward to wearing this during cultural weddings or special birthday celebrations of family members or friends.

  • Evening Black Tie / Gown - I have worn some of thees for formal Christmas parties - it is always a nice time to dress up in gowns and have a fun night with others!

  • Sports wear - Tracksuits / T-shirts are comfortable to wear, when I get around to exercising and jogging!

  • Vintage wear - I have won this style previously, during a "themed" birthday party.

  • Chic fashion - I like wearing this when I want to feel elegant and stylish. This allows me to wear monochromatic pieces in black, white or neutral colours, accessories with a stylish bag or a pair of shoes. One of my favourite chic outfit would be a skirt, paired up with a nicely fitted blouse. The chic fashion gives a classic look with minimal effort.

Vintage style - Often used to describe a style of clothing that was produced 20 -100 years ago! I would like to see the. Vintage is old fashioned that never goes out of fashion, they are not really bygones and so are seen as timeless! This is why I am starting to gravitate towards this old classy look and exquisiteness. The saying that "old is gold" is relevant here and I would like to have some vintage style added to my wardrobe.

Below is a photo I took this year 2020 at my cousin's Gatsby themed birthday party. It was a lovely celebration!

Formal Style - A formal style that is term it as business casuals. They are fine for a business meeting and office events when women wear skirts with proper tunics or blouses with a matching jacket and the men wear a blazer with matching trousers with a formal shirt and sometimes a tie. I do recommend some collections of business casuals for some occasion - don't forget to dress to impress; especially in front of those business executives who make judgment in an instant. First impression matters a lot and the photograph shows me after a business meeting. It was a productive day!

Casual style - An informal style which is not suitable for a regular occasion that requires a formal dressing. I wear these style of outfits on my non -working days, to feel relaxed and comfortable but at the same time maintaining the level of elegance e.g. a tank top and a pair of jeans.

Ethnic fashion style - Cultural outfit that is appropriately worn for family occasions such as weddings or special birthdays. The photos below shows our cultural style that was made to measure (couture), at a family member fiftieth birthday party. It was a lovely occasion.

The trendiest style item is when you style it yourself in your unique way.

Holiday "Relaxation" Style - An informal relaxed clothing style, comfortable to put on whilst around the poolside or just taking a walk with the family.

What is your go-to style?

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