The Why?

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled in life? Do you know what your purpose or calling is? what is, the reason for living on this planet?

Finding your 'why' will keep you connected and move you closer to your vision, with less frustration and much grace as you would be able to flourish in doing what you love and enjoy spending your precious time in.

It has taken me some time to figure out my 'why' but it's never too late to improve, right?

Knowing my 'why' has definitely changed the game for me!

My why is to inspire and encourage other women, young people or families to aspire to greatness, to seize the moment and enjoy life whilst doing so. They should use their experience and story to support others going through similar situations. There is time for everything, therefore trust the timing of events in your life. When I look back on circumstances I went through in life, I fully understand why they happened to me and in that particular order. Hindsight is a beautiful thing!

I have gratitude and try to make the big deal of the little things in life. I do not take anything for granted, I appreciate my family, friends and loved ones. If anything, this pandemic has reminded me that life is so precious but short. I cherish the moment of togetherness and I do try to create memories with my family.

My children often say "mummy is extra" and I laugh out loud because deep down, I know they are correct. I make a big deal over things that others would take for granted. I even make a deal out of the time I make to catch up with friends, drive my children to their extra-curricular activities (pre-Covid-19), when I meet their school friends or whenever they visit our home. I enjoy cooking for their friends and I gladly receive the compliments about my food. I am that extra mum!

When you find that thing you are suppose to be doing, you will feel so much peace and joy as the task would come with an unexplained ease.

Remembering my 'why' has kept me moving forward as I remind myself that I have to keep going further, even when I feel like giving up due to pressure and the act of juggling domestic duties and personal hobbies. My why, has given me my purpose and walking in purpose makes life more meaningful. It has kept me consistent and enabled me to remain motivated.

As you walk in your purpose, you will discover more avenues that would take you further into your aspirations. There will be no stopping you when the "light bulb moment" finally arrives.

In perspective, I realised that I went through some challenging times and can share it in order to encourage and build others up. My goal is to uplift other human beings by sharing life stories and motivation. We all have a story to tell and a good story never leaves the character the same! By helping others, we create an environment for people to feel they too can come out of their challenges stronger and with a feeling of empowerment. There is a blessing in sharing your testimony - The bible says, they overcame by the power of their testimony. Therefore, put your focus on what is manageable and not worry about what is outside of your control. If you feel over burden and worrisome, be honest about your fear and try to confront them head-on. Choose faith over fear; I have chosen unwavering faith in the face of adversity and this choice has enabled me to experience some wins.

When a person is skilled and talented, they would have several opportunities in life, to express themselves I have learnt to create bonds that would build bridges for a life time, to break down barriers and be among those who would brighten some dark days that may lie ahead.

What is your purpose in life?

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