Tips to help us work from Home - during the Quarantine

Updated: May 8, 2020

As a health professional, I've had to make alternative working arrangement and be flexible about it! Some days, I am expected to work in the office and others days, I may work from home, to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and level the curve.

My best tips so far include:

  • Have a schedule on tasks to do for the day - a to-do list always helps!

  • Don't lie in bed but wake up early, shower and ready to start the day's work

  • Morning prayer / meditation always sets my mood right.

  • Make a cup of tea / coffee to help kick start the day!

  • Don't forget to have breakfast

  • Give yourself an estimated time to complete a task.

  • Maintain a regular working hours e.g 10am - 6pm with regular breaks

  • Ensure you have your lunch break!

  • Put away your phone intermittently to avoid distractions.

  • Make sure you are sitting comfortably to avoid stiff neck / back ache

  • Background relaxing music helps the day move along smoothly.

What tips can you share with our community?

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