What is your attitude to MONEY?

Just as the saying goes that 'money makes the world go round", what is your attitude towards money?

I was reading an article recently about how people react differently to money. People can be classified according to their attitude towards money. They can fall broadly into two types: spenders or savers. Understanding your behaviour towards money would help you to solve any problem you may have towards it. I have listed below the different types of attitudes towards money.

The Connector: These types of people do not worry over lack of finances. They are hopeful that money would be available somehow. Consequently, people who fall into this category are rarely financially independent and they are easily taken advantage of. I certainly have been here before in my younger years 😊

The Romantic: These types of people are known as the spenders. They like to enjoy their lives so much that they can live beyond their means. They like to be seen as generous. They live for the moment and always in and out of debt. A lot of people can fall into this category, wanting to enjoy their lives and fall into bad habits of spending and getting into debts. If you fall in this group and you find yourself in huge debts, please do not ignore the issue, seek help, reduce unnecessary shopping, including buying those sales items which are tempting but not necessary.

The Nurturer: These type tend to put other people's financial needs ahead of their own due to their caring personalities. They are often called upon for financial assistance; they compromise their own financial security to help others. This can lead to lack of savings and eventually to debt. Parents and women fall into this category as helpers, wanting to support their family. I can definitely relate to this type too. Learning when to say no is key! Try not to overburden yourself with constant financial requests from others. Do your best to support, but know when it is not convenient for you to lend to others. Having that in mind, it is better to be in a position to lend to others rather than be a borrower. This is a biblical concept and I hold on to that - I want to be blessed to be a blessing to others (Gen 12:2)!

The Accumulator: They are savers as they like to see money in their bank account - why not! This gives them a sense of financial stability and security. On the other hand, they may not enjoy the kind of life they desire as they are busy "saving for a rainy day”. This group of people have the advantage of of being frugal with high level of financial responsibility.

The Alchemist: They have a solid desire for making a change in society and they tend to create something from nothing. Their relationship with money is 'bitter-sweet' because they understand the benefits of having money and the changes it can bring about. They resent the importance and reliance people place on it. Examples of such people are entrepreneurs who work for themselves or lead social enterprises. They tend to go with the notion that they do the work they do, just because of their love for it and not for the money.

The Celebrity group: They use money to impress others; they see it as a tool to be famous and recognisable. They use money to achieve high status in society for themselves and some use it to make an impact in the world. Making an impact and changing people's lives for the better, is a good trait to have and I applaud all those who have done so, especially in poverty stricken countries.

The Maverick: They take risks and would engage with the stock market, gambling or property investment. As entrepreneurs, they are intelligent, charismatic and are not afraid to show others how to deal with complicated financial issues or how to take risks. They have a courageous nature to their lifestyle which they use to generate and grow their finances. People who are classified under this category tend to pay attention to the upward and downward movement of numbers. They are attracted to getting rich and do not shy away from the crowd – they like to stand out!

In conclusion, understanding your relationship with money would prevent problems with money.

What category do you fall into? Are you a saver or a spender? making an impact in society even in a small way.

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