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Youth Success - Part 2

All parents want the best for their children. When we make sacrifices to give them a good life, we expect them to represent their families well. They should work hard, stay focused and when they do that, achieve and bring some joyful moments, we parents are pleased. The impression is that they are good children who are already contributing to society.

As a parent, I have huge influence on my children's lives - from how they grow up to how they view their education, even how they conduct themselves indoors and outdoors etc. I am aware that my children watch what I do more than what I say. I am therefore mindful of making a positive impact on their upbringing.

We need to instill in our children that they can do all things that they desire to achieve. I am thankful that I was able to identify and nurture the talents and gifts my children had from early ages in their lives.

As a parent, I encourage my children regularly through words of affirmation. I am sure they are tired of me sending them varied advice and scriptures (especially through our family WhatsApp group) but I know that they will thank me later.

I refuse to stay 'muted' in matters that concern the mind, so I affirm them with uplifting words and bible scriptures because they are powerful and they bring life to the soul. They are blessed with good health and a sound mind, good energy, good friends (yes we talk about this a lot), but also with protection and provision. I even declare that anything they work on will prosper, because they are blessed with a positive outlook on life. When disappointment comes (because we know life is not perfect), I would pray over them for wisdom and courage. I would quickly encourage them to see it as "all things work together for good". I intentionally tune out the negativity around them as much as possible.

Last month, my family and I attended my first child’s graduation ceremony. It was an amazing event and I was thrilled to be part of it. Seeing my daughter and her course mates graduate and being celebrated, after three years of studying, was definitely a joyful occasion. The Vice Chancellor mentioned how difficult the last two years had been for all the students and how they needed determination, resilient and the support from family, friends and tutors, to get through the challenging times.

Proud parents with their graduate daughter

My daughter Kendrea, graduated with a first class Honours in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE). I am so proud of her and her achievements. Not only was she studious and focused, she also mentored first year students studying a similar course and represented her university in various sporting events - athletic and netball – what a multifaceted child I have. She was able to juggle the various sports competitions along with her school work. This took me back to her younger years in school, when she represented the school in national and international events, including the world school athletic competitions abroad. There was never a dull moment with her and even though as a parent, I sometimes felt knackered driving her from one event to another, I was always willing to take her as I knew she was using her talents. Having been to places far and wide and had the opportunity to meet and communicate with interesting people including the County Mayor and Councillors. I reflect on those times now and feel grateful I shared in those moments and created memories. My daughter has started her graduate job in the city of London and is evolving as a young lady. Indeed I am thankful! Her sister and brother have a role model to look up to and are not far behind; they too are thriving in their respective activities and education. KJ has completed his GCSEs and is a football player since the age of 4 years old, he has represented his school in junior tournaments. Jody is studying Masters in Engineering at a reputable university as well as being a part of the women Rugby team. They inspire one another.

The photograph below was taken on the day of the graduation.

Siblings celebrating their sister's graduation

We all have a story to tell and a good story never leaves the character the same! By sharing our life journey, sharing our little wins, we are also helping others by creating an environment for people to feel they too can come out of their challenges stronger and with a feeling of empowerment. They can win their battles. There is a blessing in sharing your testimony - The bible says, they overcame by the power of their testimony. Life is a journey filled with the good and bad times but we should continue to encourage the youth to keep working hard, stay focused, prayerful and never give up!

As parents and /or care givers, we should encourage the young people to be diligent in their educational pursuit and not distracted by too many social activities. They should endeavour to strike a balance between work and fun; delayed gratification is not a bad thing. They should make sure that they are taking the necessary steps towards making the change and improvement that they desire in their education. All that matters is that progress is being made and they are gradually becoming the best version of themselves.

Thoughts create words and those (positive) words; can get them to where they want to be. Therefore, removing those limiting thoughts and speaking compelling words that would drive them into your destiny. They should use thoughts to push them into the correct actions to take, using words of faith to get the victory!

For all parents, doing the best they can for your children, never loose hope on them. The hard work and sacrifices will pay off!

What motivates you as a student?

How do you encourage the youth as a carer or parent?

Share your stories.

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